bookThere’s a new reality in business today.
The seller-buyer dynamic is changing and it’s the customers who are in the driver’s seat, making the rules. They want personal relationships and meaningful dialogue. They want to deal with folks who do the right thing. And they’ll go elsewhere if they don’t get them.
To no one’s surprise, least of all the peddler’s, this has some corporate folks in their typical deny-deny, ignore-ignore mode. They’re holed up inside their steel and glass fortresses, eyes glued to spreadsheets, insulating themselves from the real world and the shifting landscape outside.

This is creating a huge void—one that peddlers should step into. After all, who knows better than peddlers how to bring people together, set the tone, put the issues on the table, move everyone past their paranoia, and bridge the gaps? That’s how we sell. It’s what we do every day! 

Of course, to step up to the plate we must have our heads screwed on straight, which is no easy feat. Let’s face it. Because peddlers live close to life’s edges, we have a lot of highs and lows. We win big and lose big. We’re gods one day and goats the next. Most people can’t imagine being us and they don’t know the half of it.

guideThe stress we deal with usually falls into one (or all) of three categories:

You – The pressure you place on yourself to make your numbers, manage your deals, collect your cash, deal with corporate, and generally keep it all together for your customer, not to mention yourself and your family.

Your Company – Management’s relentless measurement of minutia, shifting expectations, and guardrail-to-guardrail strategies that change quarter to quarter, boss to boss, product to product. Oy!

Your Customer - The demands made upon you to keep your customers happy, usually with too few resources and too little (if any) corporate backing.

To be company ambassadors to our customers and customer evangelists and liaisons to our companies, peddlers need something more than sales plans, focus, and diligence.

We need a peddling philosophy. I’ve cobbled mine together over the past 25 years and put it together in this book. It’s something I rely on day in and day out, in good times and bad. It’s something that will help you, too.  

freeNow, instead of reading my book you could ask the enlightened marketing folks how to sell more. I’m sure you’re familiar with their spiel: “Get more motivated. Get more organized. Write up more plans and follow up with more reports. Call more at the C level. Then you’ll sell more!” Gimme a break!

Here’s a tip: Never take sales advice from folks who have never carried a bag. Instead, click here and download a free chapter. Then sit back, relax, fasten your seat belt, and enjoy the ride.

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