bookThis is a different kind of sales book
written by someone who has actually been out there making sales for very large Fortune 500 companies as well as for start-ups. Dennis points out something that most sales people miss, which is that most sales issues are not with the customer!

The challenge Dennis offers is for peddlers to look hard at their own personal philosophy and the sales-oriented culture of the companies they represent. Then he explains how to get you, your company and your customer all engaged in the selling process through dialog and relationship. He discusses real problems and issues that frontline sales forces are facing today. And he offers real scenarios and great perspectives that will change the way you approach your next sale.

This is a great book--a tool sales management should read and think about providing to their sales teams.
Bob Angelo
Chairman and President
Refresh Software Inc.

A peddler extraordinaire, Dennis Ford is the real deal.
Using street smarts based on years of selling (and the occasional splash o’ blarney), he’s penned a book that can seat you with the sales gods…or help keep things in perspective when people are wondering what you’ve done for them lately. Peppered with real life stories, lessons and humor, this is the stuff they don’t teach you in business school!

John McCammond
VP Business Development

In this compelling sales guide, Dennis casts his peddler eye
upon Corporate America and dishes up some keen insights, shares some hilarious stories, and yet still manages to educate. I have read plenty of sales books that all too often profess yet another selling methodology. What I liked about The Peddler’s Prerogative and why I highly recommended it to my sales team is that it covers new territory. Dennis expounds a philosophy for selling and conducting business that is timely and truly good for all concerned. The book cuts through to the essentials of what sales and business are really all about, which is human relationships, and reshapes how we should view the peddler, the company and the customer!

Daniel D. Phillips
CEO and Chairman
SilverBack Technologies

It is rare to find a sales guide that really talks the talk and walks the walk.
Dennis is the quintessential sales maverick, and in this book he uses his unique brand of satire to point out the follies of Corporate America while imparting all the tricks of the selling trade. He teaches that the best path for the peddler is one where tactics and strategies make selling a win-win for both the customer and the corporation. Pick this one up!
Matt Stanton
VP Sales
BI Technologies

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