chapter Excerpts
Chapter 1 excerpt: You and Your Attitude
Anyone with the right attitude can sell. Not because that’s all you need, but because you can learn everything else. You can learn the sales process, you can learn the product, you can learn how to build relationships with prospects and customers. But the wrong attitude, well, that can kill you from the get-go!

Chapter 6 excerpt: The Mysticism of Peddlery

Have you ever made anything happen by sheer desire? Have you ever made anything happen by force of will? Has a solution to a problem ever come to you in a dream? Have you ever conjured up a scenario and then breathed life into it? Do you believe that peddling is your destiny? Do you believe in unseen forces? Do you believe you can tap into them? Where the material and metaphysical worlds intersect is where the great peddler stands.

freeChapter 7 download: Your Company
Do you have these folks in your company?

The Go To's - The blessed ones
The Just Say No's - Who just say no, no matter what!
The Avoids - Who drain your life blood and distract you from your mission
The I’m in Control Here's - The power-trippers
The In the Ways - Who take exception to anything and everything
The Sales Prevention Team - The great mystery of the corporate realm

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